Straighter, natural-looking teeth with Orthodontics


Orthodontics is the branch of dentistry that corrects teeth that are not positioned correctly and cures overbites and overcrowded mouths. Many people have teeth that are crooked or mis-aligned, making them harder to keep clean, putting them at risk of decay and gum disease and making a person feel-self conscious about their smile.

In the past many people were put off from seeking orthodontic treatment because of the thought of having to wear uncomfortable and inelegant metal braces. However, all that has changed in recent years. Today there are is range of ultra-modern fixed and removable appliances that can be so discreet in the mouth no one ever needs to know you are even wearing them.

And it’s not just about having to wearing braces. In many cases they are not needed at all, as almost invisible, custom-made removable aligners can be used instead to gently move teeth back to their ideal final position.

If you are unhappy about your uneven teeth call us today to arrange a consultation to find out which orthodontic treatment is the most suitable for you to get that beautiful smile you have always deserved.

For more information on the types of braces we use please click here.

Invisible Braces like Invisalign
Traditional metal braces

Traditional braces

Invisible Braces like Invisalign

Invisalign Invisible (clear) braces

Initial consultations or regular appointments can be made by telephone, by emailing us, or by visiting the practice in person.

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